3 Responses to “I Fought the Law and the Law Sucks…”

  1. Rowdy says:

    Aren’t you haapy that’s over. And all the while, it keeps happening to so many others as we speak. What a crock of crap. If they are running out of real bad guys to go after, they should just dissolve the sect. Not keep their jobs by going after the innocents.

  2. Rachel says:

    Good for you for standing up for yourself and your business!

    If ONLY I could tell you how I have been contacting the FTC for more than a year about a mass marketing fraudster that baits and switches unsuspecting customers! And here it is they want to bully and extort you! The SHAME, but then crooks have none and apparently no overseers. You would not believe the atrocities they refuse to go after when I have HANDED IT TO THEM ON A SILVER PLATTER!

    I must go vomit now, this really does make me sick.

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